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    This site is dedicated to the preservation of the history of the world's most unique turbofan aircraft propulsion engine, the AiResearch / Garrett / AlliedSignal / Honeywell ATF3.  The ATF3 Turbofan Engine was originally designed for but never installed on the North American Sabreliner 65. This three-spool engine powers three Dassault Falcon Jet Aircraft, the Falcon Jet F200 business jet, the HU-25A Guardian flown by the U.S. Coast Guard, and the Falcon Gardian flown by the French Navy. It was initially the motive force behind the Teledyne-Ryan YQM-98A Compass Cope high-altitude UAV, and later two imbedded ATF3 engines powered the Northrop Tacit Blue stealth technology testbed.
    Thanks first of all to John Evans, who has put a tremendous amount of time into authoring the initial articles and compiling The People list. John's written a chronology of the engine and a story about the Birth of the ATF3. A new addition is a complete description of The Engine and all of its components also written by John C Evans. Thanks also to John Huber, John Hertz, Rick Burkmier, Mark McSorley (Animal), Jim Wyers, John Zaichkin, Pat Washington, and Chris Wills for helping John compile the personnel list. And finally, a thanks to Buddy Criminale for furnishing information on the creation of the HU-25 Guardian Aircraft for the Chronology Page, and to Jerry Steele for contributing old Aviation Week articles, the NASA Lewis Research Center photos, and other content to the site. The site wouldn't have gotten off the ground without help from all of you.
    As you check out this site, you'll see that it's a work in progress. If you'd like to make contributions to the site's content or if you have any suggestions, please let me know. Please be patient with me however; there's a TON of content to include!
    You can now reach our site by plugging in Easier to remember and easier to tell others about it!  You can contact the ATF3 Online Museum Curator at also easier to remember.
    The graphic menu in the left column of the page suggests the layout of the site. The following site map more completely describes the contents of the site at this time and my concept for the layout for the future as the content grows. Again, any suggestions, articles, and photos you might have would be greatly appreciated.

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ATF3 Engine

ATF3 History

ATF3 Chronology

Birth of the ATF3 Engine Program and the Site B Test Facility

Aviation Week article, dated 10/7/68

ATF3 Performance Recovery/Restoration at Garrett R&O

USCG Mishap Investigation Engines 21120 & 21121

FAST (Falcon Aircraft Support Team - ATF3 Engines)

Silver Bullet Modifications (Hot Section Durability, Etc.)

Airframes (in order of first flight or delivery)

Ryan YQM-98A Compass Cope High Altitude RPV 

U.S. Coast Guard HU-25

Tacit Blue Stealth Technology Demonstrator

D.o.D. News Release 

Falcon Jet F200

French Navy “Marine Gardian” (French Spelling)

The People




    As of this writing (June 16, 2008), my main goal is to carry on with and recreate Kurt Lammon’s ATF3 Online Museum, to add to & update content, and to give people an idea of how unique the ATF3 Turbofan engine really is.  The purpose of this site is to bring the ATF3 Turbofan engine community back together, so please share it with as many people as possible.  As you can see from the site map above I still have three very large holes in the site, stories on the Compass Cope, the USCG HU-25, and the French Navy Gardian.  I will greatly appreciate any contributions in these area’s.  Thanks for your support and content contributions--keep them coming!

ATF3 Online Museum under new management.

    The ATF3 Online Museum web site was created by Kurt Lammon.  Kurt was a Test Engineer in ATF3 project engineering from 1987 through 1991.  Kurt said he worked with a fantastic group of people at Garrett, and he looked fondly back on his time there.  Kurt a recent engineering graduate was so impressed with the company and personnel he worked with on the ATF3 program that he decided to document his experiences and the ATF3 Turbofan engine.  By the way, my name and e-mail link is John C. Evans.  I authored many of the original articles to assist Kurt in getting this site up and running.  Kurt has become very busy in a family owned business and has asked me to take over the task of museum curator, and I have accepted.  Kurt’s and my hope is that this site, by chronicling the history of the ATF3 engine and the people behind it, will create an online community of people involved with this engineering marvel.

    Thanks for checking out the site.  Please E-mail your suggestions to me, and come back!


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